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Baltimore, MD USA



Matches 1 to 31 of 31

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bank, Hattie  4 Sep 1894Baltimore, MD USA I1589 Markel 
2 Bank, Jacob Jay  2 Jan 1893Baltimore, MD USA I1546 Markel 
3 Bank, Martha  10 Jan 1898Baltimore, MD USA I1523 Markel 
4 Bank, Mary  27 Mar 1896Baltimore, MD USA I1509 Markel 
5 Goldstein, Lawrence Bernard   I1769 Markel 
6 Karlinsky, Barbara  6 Apr 1938Baltimore, MD USA I1811 Markel 
7 Karlinsky, David  15 Jan 1907Baltimore, MD USA I1810 Markel 
8 Markel, Albert  3 Mar 1901Baltimore, MD USA I1420 Markel 
9 Markel, Boy Died Young  14 Jun 1900Baltimore, MD USA I1716 Markel 
10 Markel, Dorothy  17 Aug 1892Baltimore, MD USA I1507 Markel 
11 Markel, Elsie  Abt 1889Baltimore, MD USA I1310 Markel 
12 Markel, Fannye  Apr 1893Baltimore, MD USA I1506 Markel 
13 Markel, Jacob Jack  19 Oct 1897Baltimore, MD USA I1339 Markel 
14 Markel, Mary  8 Jul 1896Baltimore, MD USA I1365 Markel 
15 Markel, Sylvan  10 Oct 1906Baltimore, MD USA I1424 Markel 
16 Markell, Fanny  4 Jul 1893Baltimore, MD USA I1352 Markel 
17 Markell, Harold Leonard  18 Jun 1921Baltimore, MD USA I1195 Markel 
18 Markell, Henry Michael  1903Baltimore, MD USA I1316 Markel 
19 Markell, Jacob  24 Jul 1892Baltimore, MD USA I1503 Markel 
20 Markell, Jacob  5 Sep 1894Baltimore, MD USA I1549 Markel 
21 Markell, Richard Brian Jr.   I1251 Markel 
22 Markell, Sarah  25 Dec 1889Baltimore, MD USA I1705 Markel 
23 Markell, Soloman Charles  18 Jun 1887Baltimore, MD USA I1703 Markel 
24 Rosengaft, Gary Allan   I1813 Markel 
25 Rosenthal, Joseph B.  Baltimore, MD USA I1543 Markel 
26 Sachs, Anna Leah  13 Jan 1922Baltimore, MD USA I590 Markel 
27 Sachs, Nathan  10 Dec 1894Baltimore, MD USA I1628 Markel 
28 Simon, Walter Augustus  12 Apr 1906Baltimore, MD USA I1785 Markel 
29 Strauss, Dorothy Ray  6 Jun 1917Baltimore, MD USA I1427 Markel 
30 Strauss, Kennard  12 Oct 1914Baltimore, MD USA I1191 Markel 
31 Strauss, Walter  3 Sep 1912Baltimore, MD USA I1485 Markel 


Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Hudson, Barbara Lee  15 Jun 1997Baltimore, MD USA I1685 Markel 
2 Kahntroff, Clara Norma  8 Sep 2002Baltimore, MD USA I1611 Markel 
3 Kahntroff, Stanley Merle  14 Aug 1996Baltimore, MD USA I1686 Markel 
4 Markel, Adele  Oct 1985Baltimore, MD USA I1426 Markel 
5 Markel, Elsie  31 Jul 1945Baltimore, MD USA I1310 Markel 
6 Markell, Fanny  29 Jan 1950Baltimore, MD USA I1352 Markel 
7 Markell, Henry Michael  31 May 1913Baltimore, MD USA I1316 Markel 
8 Sachs, Anna Leah  22 Jan 1994Baltimore, MD USA I590 Markel 
9 Sachs, Bebe Ray  20 Dec 2003Baltimore, MD USA I557 Markel 
10 Sachs, Nathan  30 Jul 1975Baltimore, MD USA I1628 Markel 
11 Shurkin, Carroll  24 Dec 2001Baltimore, MD USA I2074 Markel 
12 Strauss, Dorothy Ray  13 Dec 1991Baltimore, MD USA I1427 Markel 
13 Trivas, Isadore G  24 Apr 1989Baltimore, MD USA I1635 Markel 
14 Tye, George Western Sr.  9 Sep 1997Baltimore, MD USA I1423 Markel 


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 Trivas, Jill Robyn  Baltimore, MD USA I1297 Markel 


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Markel / Greenstein  15 Oct 1891Baltimore, MD USA F487 Markel 
2 Nusbaum / Merkel  1900Baltimore, MD USA F434 Markel 
3 Sachs / Markel  10 Apr 1921Baltimore, MD USA F586 Markel 
4 Simon / Markel  2 Jul 1903Baltimore, MD USA F580 Markel 
5 Strauss / Markel  24 Dec 1911Baltimore, MD USA F581 Markel