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Aaron and Eve Proser Immigration Record Aaron Goldberg 1910 Census Aaron Goldberg 1920 Census Aaron Goldberg 1920 Census page 2 Aaron Goldberg 1930 Census Aaron Goldberg WW1 Draft Card Aaron Weinstein Death Certicate Abe Gamerman 1930 Census Abe Gamerman Death Certificate Page 1 Abe Gamerman Death Certificate Page 2
Abe Gamerman WWI Draft Card Abraham Gamerman Certificate of Arrival Abraham Gamerman Declaration of Intention Abraham Gamerman Petition for Naturalization Abraham Gamerman Petition for Naturalization page 2 Abraham Himelfarb WWI Draft Card Abraham Lustine Draft Card Abraham Lustine Obit Abraham Miller Declaration of Intention Abraham Miller Oath of Allegiance
Abraham Miller Petition for Naturalization Adler 1910 Census Adolph Rosenstein Death Certificate Albert Handen WW2 Draft Card Albert Handen WWI Draft Card Albert Suskin Death Certificate Anna Davis Saul Bardoff Wedding Announcement Anna Linsk Sklaroff 1935 Rhode Island Census
Anna Miller Guy Birth Index Annetta 'Annie' Liebof Himmelfarb obit Annie Merkel Markel Death Certificate Annie Rude Himelfarb Death Certificate Ben Prepon Certificate of Arrival Ben Prepon Declaration of Intention Ben Prepon Petition for Naturalization Ben Prepon Petition for Naturalization Benjamin Livingston 1910 Census
Benjamin Livingston WW2 Draft Card Bernard Adler Declaration of Intention Bernard Adler Oath Bernard Adler Petition for Naturalization Bernard Davis divorce Bernard Proser WWI Draft Card Bernet (Bernard) Adler Death Certificate Bessie Gamerman Shemer 1930 Census Blanche Rosenstein Ferszky Death Certificate
Carl Kaufman WWI Draft Card Cecelia Adler Edelson Cecelia Fuld Death Certificate Cecilia Gamerman Goldberg Charles and Grace Needle Immigration Record Charles Davis WW2 Draft Card Charles Needle Obit 1 Charles Needle Obit 2 Charles Needle WWI Draft Card Charles Oscar Needle WW2 Draft Card
Charles Oshinsky 1930 Census Charles Oshinsky Obituary Chinka or Fanny Needle Obit Clarice Greenhood Himelfarb obit David Harry Kaplan WW2 Draft Card David Kaplan WWI Draft Card David Kravetz Declaration of Intention David Kravetz Immigration Papers David Kravetz Oath David Kravetz Petition for Naturalization
David Kravetz WW1 Draft Card David Kravetz WW2 Draft Card David Krieger Declaration of Intention David Krieger Oath David Krieger Petition for Naturalization Dora Adler Ballan Social Security Application Dora Baer Needle Obit
Elaine Lustine Dworken obit Elizabeth Oppenheimer Nusbaum Death Certificate Elizabeth Oppenheimer Nusbaum Obit Elma Gladstein Dryzer 1930 Census Elsie Davis Spielman Death Certificate Elsie Davis Spielman obit Emanuel Himmelfarb 1920 Census Emanuel Himmelfarb Immigration Record Emanuel Himmelfarb Oath of Allegiance
Emanuel Himmelfarb Petition for Naturalization Emanuel Himmelfarb WWI Draft Card Esther Beerbohm Spillman Obit Esther Goldberg Miller Death Certificate Esther Goldberg Miller obit Ezekial Terren Petition for Naturlization Ezekial Terren WWI Draft Card Ezekiel Terren WW2 Draft Card Fannie Adler Death Certificate Fannie Himelfarb Death Certificate

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